Business life & Disability

Buy sell & key person insurance

If properly funded, the shareholder’s family will receive a fair market value for their shares, providing them with capital to help maintain their standard of living. We have engaged the services of a Chartered Accountant familiar with buy-sell agreements and the use of life and disability insurance to provide a complimentary review of your buy-sell agreement.

Establishing a properly funded buy-sell agreement between shareholders, or for a successor owner, provides security and the knowledge your business can continue to prosper even in the event of a tragedy.

The loss of a key person due to death or disability can put a business in a difficult situation. The future profitability and viability of a company can be at risk should such an event occur. The use of Key Person Life Insurance where appropriate can help to mitigate these risks.

Business overhead insurance

If your business or practice depends on an owner’s ability to generate income, an owner’s absence due to a long- or short-term disability would impact the bottom line.

That’s where business overhead expense insurance comes in. It’s designed to help businesses with owners or partners who actively generate income (such as physicians, lawyers, accountants and engineers) pay ongoing fixed expenses—like salaries, rent, property taxes and utilities—in the event that a partner or owner becomes disabled and is unable to work.

Business insurance needs

Choosing coverage and types of life and disability insurance for your business is not an easy process.

Let Ryder assist you in better understanding your needs.

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