Antique and Collector Car Insurance

Whether you bought it for the memories or because of its classic beauty, we know your collector car or truck is a work of art with wheels. And like other works of art, collector vehicles can continue to increase in value. Standard insurance may not be right for you — help protect your valuable asset with collector car agreed-value coverage by contacting us directly at 403-284-4771 or if you need a quote immediately click the link below.

Vehicles covered include:

Help protect your investment for years to come

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your collector car. Make sure it’s protected with the right coverage. Policy features include:


  • Agreed-Value Coverage: In the event of a total loss, you are paid the full amount you’ve insured your vehicle for — without any depreciation.
  • Flexible Usage: Whether you’re going to a show or just taking a cruise to the ice cream shop, you’re protected.
  • Flatbed Roadside Assistance: Our optional best-in-class program provides guaranteed flatbed roadside assistance and other benefit.

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